Germany lottery stakes drop in 2019

Germany lottery stakes drop in 2019

DLTB explained that Germany saw a decline in lottery stakes for 2019 as customers wagered €7.3 billion, 1.2% less year-on-year.

Germany.- It seems to have been a tough year in Germany for the lottery. According to DLTB, the amount wagered by players last year was down from 2018’s.

The Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock reported a 1.2% drop as the figure reached €7.3 billion across state lotteries.

Managing director of Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz and chair of the DLTB Jürgen Hafner was still “very satisfied” with the results. He praised the amount Germany got from lottery as it’s used for good causes.

“These are funds that good causes in our country would have to do without if the state lottery companies did not exist,” he said.

“Our responsible gaming safeguards perfectly satisfy the requirements of addiction prevention and player protection,” he said. “We are confident that an amendment to the 2021 State Treaty on Gaming will be based on this [model] with the agreement of all parties.”

Sports betting

Updating regulations for each gaming segment is a key subject for a healthy industry. However, sports betting in Hesse seems to be more difficult than expected, as the licencing process had no applicants.

Local Minister for the Interior Peter Beuth disclosed the lack of applications. However, he warned operators to cease offering sports betting in Hesse. He advanced that those that fail to comply will face immediate action.

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