German gambling regulator opposes proposed criminal code changes


The GGL has appealed over changes that could affect its enforcement action against unlicensed gambling operators.

Germany.- The new German gambling regulator, the GGL, has made an appeal against proposed changes to Germany’s criminal code, known as the Strafgesetzbuch. It says the changes could reduce its ability to take enforcement action against offshore gambling operations and could also harm work to prevent money laundering.

GGL co-president Ronald Benter has said that the regulator had asked the movement to reconsider the amendments that would affect the application of Article 284. This article allows federal bodies like the GGL to work directly with the public prosecution office to undertake criminal investigations. The GGL uses this article to fight gambling operators located overseas.

However, the Ministry of Justice aims to bring the code’s regulations on the initiation of international criminal procedures in line with the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The GGL has asked for called for the power to prosecute offshore gambling operators to be directly stated within updates to the legislation.

The issue is of particular relevance amid the German regulation’s opposition to Malta’s attempts to protect its online gambling operators from legal action brought by other EU nations.

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