Gateway Casinos reduces staff

The casino company Gateway Casinos has revealed that it is reducing staff levels at Georgian Downs and Casino Rama.

Canada.- Gateway Casinos has announced a new company decision, which consists of reducing staff levels at the Gateway Casinos Innisfil location and at Casino Rama. This move is part of an attempt to maximise efficiency.

The company released a statement in which it explains that it does not take the decision to reduce staff lightly. “We examined all options and despite best efforts to minimise the impact on staff, these reductions are a necessary step. This is as we maximise efficiency and begin the next stages of expansion,” said Gateway.

Moreover, Gateway explained that the reasons for the reductions include reduced hours of operations at dining outlets. Other reasons are an investment in new technology and more measures for business efficiency.

A spokesperson for Gateway Casinos said that the decision mainly affects employees from Casino Rama. He said that the reductions happened through a voluntary exit incentive program and staff reassignments. The rest were part of the company’s decision to reduce personnel.

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