Gaming workers protest in Italy

Gaming venues have been closed for almost a year.
Gaming venues have been closed for almost a year.

Demonstrators staged protests in Rome and Milan calling for the reopening of gaming and entertainment venues after almost a year of lockdown.

Italy.- Gaming and entertainment industry workers staged a demonstration in Italy yesterday (Thursday) to protest against the continued closure of businesses due to Covid-19.

Workers protested in Piazza deal Popolo in Rome and Piazza del Duomo Milan to demand the government agree to an urgent meeting with trade unions and trade associations in the sector to seek a solution.

They also asked for the immediate reopening of casinos and other entertainment venues that have already prepared protocols following the health authorities’ suggestions.

According to the demonstrators, the lockdown is currently impacting on the salaries and jobs of 150,000 people in Italy, who work directly, or indirectly, in the amusement arcade and gaming industry.

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