Gambling petitions to be heard in India

This week the Telangana High Court will hear the petitions that questions the online gaming ban in the state.

India.- After several complaints emerged when the cabinet approved a measure to block online gambling in Telangana, the local High Court will allow petitioners to expose their arguments as to why it should be legal again.

Whilst the original date for the hearings was set for July 3, it was later pushed for this Wednesday. Kadiam Srihari, Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana, reported last month that he ordered the police to crack down on clubs and other places that encourage gambling, as part of a plan to eliminate online skill-based games like online rummy. It was pretty clear that the state was against the gambling activities, but after the division bench of the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana High Court granted online rummy petitioners the chance to keep operating outside the state in a ruling that happened last week, it seems like the lines a blurred.

Moreover, the Bombay High Court has recently ruled that rummy is not gambling, as a businessman filed a petition to disregard the charges against him after authorities tried to convict him for playing rummy in his club.

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