Gambling would be fully shut down in Bratislava

Opponent legislators have proposed to maintain the strict rules on a legal, but limited industry.

Slovakia.- The gambling industry could be totally banned in Slovakia’s capital city Bratislava, although seventeen councils have shown their concern about the implementation. Representatives from the city commented that a shutdown would only lead to illegal gambling and the government should regulate the sector with strict rules instead.

The seventeen Bratislava councillors have expressed their opposition against a complete prohibition of gambling activities in the national capital city and they argued it would only be beneficial for criminal associations and illegal operators.

“We want gambling operations to be closed down wherever people in residential areas and boroughs don’t want them,” expressed the officials in their public statement. “But we also realise that, contrary to what some activists and politicians have been saying, gambling won’t disappear simply by being banned.”

A total ban on gaming activities in Bratislava was supported by more than 136,000 residents and 45 councillors. On the contrary, the seventeen officials proposed a legal but limited industry in touristic hotels and venues, imitating the model of Vienna and Budapest.