Gambling could expand in Illinois

gambling illinois

Burr Ridge could see a new revenue stream in gambling machines. (Credits:

Burr Ridge Village Board members are eyeing the possibility to legalise and add gambling machines at some local businesses.

US.- Nine local businesses in Burr Ridge, Illinois, made a request to add gambling machines and triggered a debate among Village Board members. Some of them are considering their legalisation as they see a potential stream of fresh revenue to ease the deficits on some of their budgets.

“These are small restaurants looking for another revenue source,” said local store owner Gene Halleran, who closed early on April 9th to appear before the board and explain how machines “would help [them] as business owners.”

“If it doesn’t hurt us but benefit us, why shouldn’t we do it?” asked John Bittner, who presented the petition to the board, and highlighted the revenue machines could bring to the village and some businesses. Furthermore, he explained that residents actually leave Burr Ridge to gamble elsewhere and leave their money out of town.

Doug Pollock, Burr Ridge’s Village Administrator, noted that neighbouring communities have made some money off the machines but explained it wasn’t significant. “I don’t think it’s a great deal of revenue, but it is revenue and every little bit helps, I suppose,” he said.

Pollock put forward that he’d have more information in four weeks and would then get more community input on the decision.

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