Galaxsys launches new game: meet Starlight

Starlight invites players into a cosmic adventure.
Starlight invites players into a cosmic adventure.

Galaxsys has unveiled a new crash game.

Press release.- Galaxsys has announced the launch of its latest crash game, Starlight. The company stated that this addition to its portfolio “is set to further expand the crash game category, offering players an exceptional experience filled with strategic decisions and unique visuals”.

Starlight invites players into a cosmic adventure where they place bets before each round, aiming to cash out at the optimal moment as the odds increase. As the falling star turns into a radiant red colour, signalling the activation of the Starry Boost feature, the odds skyrocket simultaneously. This boosting bonus instantly increases the odds by a specific amount, before they continue to increase steadily. 

Game highlights

Freezing Bonus: When the Freezing Bonus appears, players are guaranteed a win as it fixes their current winnings.

Starry Boost: The boosting bonus feature can pop up multiple times, and instantly increase the odds by a specific amount, for example, from 2.57x to 6.37x, before they continue to increase steadily.

Auto Cashout: When using the Auto Cashout function, players pre-define the odds they want to cash out at, enabling them to control the amount of risk they want to take with each bet.

Auto Bet: Switching to the Auto Bet mode enables players to configure the best settings so that the system places bets instead of them.

In-house Promotional Tools: Integrated promotional tools, including Leaderboard, Chat, Lightning Bonus and Bonus Manager further enhance the engagement and excitement of the game.

Bonus System: FreeBet and FreeAmount bonuses provide an option to reward bonuses to the players, with terms set by the operator.

According to the firm, “by blending strategy, anticipation, and out-of-this-universe visuals, Starlight offers players to navigate through strategic decisions to maximize their winnings.”

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