France’s ANJ orders Winamax to remove sports betting ad campaign

Winamax has a month to remove the campaign.
Winamax has a month to remove the campaign.

It’s the first time the regulator has used its powers to order an operator to withdraw a campaign.

France.- The national gambling regulator l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) has for the first time used its powers to order a gambling operator to withdraw a marketing campaign. It has told Winamax to halt a campaign for breaching France’s rules for gambling ads.

The “Tout pour la Daronne” (“Everything for mum”) campaign showed a man improve his and his mother’s lives after winning money on a sports bet. The ANJ said the campaign breached rules that ads must not suggest that gambling can improve their own or their family’s life or enhance social status

Article D. 320-9, 2 on gambling ad rules says that “any commercial communication for a gambling operator is prohibited when it suggests gambling contributes to social success”.

The ANJ said this means ads must not show gambling leading to changes in social status, extraordinary experiences or accessing services considered the preserve of the wealthy.

The regulator has given Winamax one month to remove all material from the campaign.

The ANJ updated its advertising guidelines and recommendations last month. The new guidelines follow a review and consultation carried out following the UEFA Euro 2020 Championships last year, which the regulator said had led to complaints from the public about an “oversaturation” of gambling ads.

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