New French casino cruise ships regulations


The Official Gazette published a new decree that establishes the conditions to operate casinos on French merchant ships.

France.- The new regulations that influence casino cruise ships from France are set to take effect on July 1, 2017. As reported by G3Newswire, ships will be able to operate 15 gaming machines.

The new measure also establishes that ferries would be able to operate gaming machines in both inside the country and in international waters. The last ones are also habilitated to operate traditional table games. World Casino Directory also revealed that the authorization for the operation of the games has to be obtained after a application to the French Minister of the Interior. As established by both the operator and the ship owner, a permission features the exclusivity to operate the machines for fifteen years. The staff is algo in charge of the Ministry of the Interior.

Whilst land-based casinos and several gambling modalities have been suffering setbacks in France, the French gaming regulator ARJEL said earlier this year that sports betting activity increased 17 percent during the last quarter of 2016. Moreover, the number translates to the second highest total since France first regulated the market in 2010.

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