Florida strikes illegal gambling operation

Florida illegal gambling operation gets hit.
Florida illegal gambling operation gets hit.

Florida law enforcement officers executed search warrants and hit illegal gambling operations on Escambia County businesses.

US.- Law enforcement officers executed search warrants in Northwest Florida and hit illegal gambling operations. They raided three businesses with 100 slot machines and illegal online gaming machines.

The authorities struck the Florida illegal gambling operation but didn’t arrest anyone, the State Attorney’s Office revealed. However, they are currently continuing with the respective investigation on the matter.

Hawaii also hits illegal gambling

Several federal authorities in the US have decided to target illegal gambling in Hawaii. The FBI, along with the Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, as well as the local Police Department, are working to eradicate illegal operations in Oahu, the third largest island in Hawaii.

The authorities have charged 15 people and seized 60 illegal gambling machines in their most recent operation, West Hawaii Today reported. As part of the operations, they filed a civil lawsuit, two criminal complaints and three indictments.

Around 80 game rooms in commercial and residential areas in Oahu have been identified by the agencies. They charged 12 people with operating game rooms in single-family homes, the officials said according to the news outlet.

“Our goal is to take your property through civil or criminal forfeiture,” US Attorney Kenji Price said. “And if you or anyone else you know happens to get a cut of the proceeds of illegal gambling, we’ll be trying to seize that, too,” he added.

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