FIFA president warns players against betting on sports

Gianni Infantino spoke at an event in Paris.
Gianni Infantino spoke at an event in Paris.

Gianni Infantino’s warning following several high-profile incidents.

Switzerland.- FIFA president Gianni Infantino has warned players not to bet on any sports. During an event in Paris, he said there would be “severe sanctions” for breaches after several high-profile cases.

Emphasising the importance of integrity in sports, he stressed that players must not gamble on any sport, not just football, and said that FIFA would take severe action against anyone who compromises sports integrity.

He said: “The players know it: you shouldn’t gamble, obviously. When something happens, obviously there are investigations and very serious and very intransigent decisions are made when it comes to betting and football, at all levels, including amateurs.”

“Without talking about specific cases, players who are found guilty must be punished severely,” he added.

However, Infantino said punishment alone would not resolve the issue and that prevention and education were vital. He called for sporting bodies to promote a culture of integrity in which athletes understand and respect rules designed to keep sport fair.

Recent high-profile cases have involved Newcastle United‘s Sandro Tonali and Juventus‘ Nicolò Fagioli. Meanwhile, West Ham United‘s Lucas Paquetá is under investigation by the English Football Association (FA).

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