Feds shut down California casino

bicycle casino

Bicycle Hotel & Casino will be operational once the federals complete the work they’re doing.

A financial crime task force closed the Bicycle Hotel & Casino on Tuesday.

US.- Los Angeles High Intensity Financial Crime task force, which includes federal agencies such as the California Bureau of Gambling Control and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division, shut down the Bicycle Hotel & Casino.

Despite not having official information as to why they raided the gambling facility, Los Angeles Times quoted law enforcement officials saying that the investigation could be about money laundering. There had been rumors that gamblers traded illegal money for casino chips and then proceeded to bet and cash them out. Spokeswoman for the ICE, Virginia Kice, said:”A search warrant issued by a United States magistrate judge was filed under seal in relation to an ongoing investigation.”

Becky Warren, a representative from the Bicycle casino, confirmed that they’re currently working  and cooperating with authorities, but that they don’t have additional information. Furthermore, she said that they would be fully operational once the federals complete the work they’re doing.