Federal Group charges against pokies ban

Credits: themercury.com.au
Credits: themercury.com.au

The potential ban on Australian poker machines is facing serious opposition as Federal Group goes on the offensive.

Australia.- The Australian gambling industry could be on the verge of a major transformation as several politicians have proposed a ban of poker machines from pubs and clubs in Tasmania. Gaming giant Federal Group has however decided to challenge the potential decision and has started an advertising campaign to defend ‘pokies’.

The company has a major presence in Tasmania, as it operates pokies as well as casinos and keno in the state, and has launched several advertisements to show the negative effect of the ban. They involve 11 workers who voice their concerns about their jobs and, according to Managing Director Greg Farrell, decided to participate on their own.

Mr Farrell highlighted the staff’s involvement and explained: “They gave up their holidays to film content for the campaign, providing unscripted responses to questions on their feelings about Tasmania, Federal Group and the future.”

Despite the group’s campaign, anti-pokie Labor leader Rebecca White defended the ban, saying: “I’ve no doubt there will be vested interests who’ll run ads who promote their own position. But to us the evidence is clear that poker machines are damaging our community.”

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