Everi stocks could have a January effect rally

The company’s value per share it’s a steal

US.- Everi Holdings, the company that provides a wide range of cash access products and services to the hotel and gaming industry, may see a significantly good shift in its stocks as early as next January, and analysts expect that Everi could earn about 70 cents per share in 2016, which implies a PE ratio of less than six times earnings.

According to the reports, Everi Holdings appears significantly undervalued at less than US$4 per share and analysts have price targets between US$7 to US$9 per share. Therefore, it would be a good time to purchase the beaten-down stocks that are affected by short sellers and tax-loss selling. But that scenario is likely to change the last couple weeks of December and into January.
More than 1,100 gaming establishments use products and services from Everi Holdings (NYSE:EVRI) (formerly Global Cash Access Holdings Inc.) The company designs and manufactures gaming machines and systems for casinos. It also dispenses more than US$19 billion in cash to consumers and processes more than US$90 million transactions every year.