Enada Spring at full steam in the Rimini Fiera Halls

The inauguration took place yesterday (Wednesday) morning.
The inauguration took place yesterday (Wednesday) morning.

The 28th edition of Southern Europe’s leading International Amusement & Gaming Machine Show will run to 18th March.

Italy.- The 28th edition of the Enada Spring International Amusement & Gaming Machine Show opened yesterday (Wednesday) morning at Rimini Fiera. The expo is a must for grasping the signs of renewal in the gaming and amusement world, from the point of view of manufacturing, business and regulations. The event is organised by Rimini Fiera and Sapar with the support of Euromat and in collaboration with the industry’s main associations. The inauguration was hosted by Sapar chairman Raffaele Curcio and Rimini Fiera Chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni.

Enada features an ample range of new products such as the Moto GP motorcycle race simulator by RawThrills; the new Angry Bird, a spin-off of the famous application; Ghostbuster, which follows up in the footsteps of the cinema saga and Footbowl, a real scaled-down soccer pitch on which the players take turns in the penalty area for goal kicks.

“Enada is the expo of legal gaming, a sector made up of numerous companies that plays the role of a serious responsible interlocutor on issues regarding this market,” said Chairman Curcio. “This world is in the front line in the fight against illegality, and intends protecting enterprises and jobs with determination. The Rimini appointment highlights this commitment, promotes networking and generates positive ideas for safeguarding and developing the gaming and game sector.”

Chairman Cagnoni added, “Between confirmations and new entries, this can be considered as a real wager placed by companies on the sector’s development. The entire trade chain really is represented at this year’s expo. My wish is that the expo can favour a profitable dialogue between the gaming and game world and institutions, in order to ensure clarity, for the benefit and defense of players, but also of the trade’s employment levels.”