The Elysium City project moves forward

The Elysium City project continues to move forward.
The Elysium City project continues to move forward.

The Elysium City project in Extremadura continues to advance and its developers say they have already sent the required documentation.

Spain.- For years there has been talk of great entertainment ventures in Spain, and they seem to be finally close. In addition to the Hard Rock Entertainment World, in Catalonia, Elysium City, in Extremadura, will soon arrive.

The megaproject is an initiative by developer Cora Alpha and would create 15,000 jobs in Castillblanco. Cora Alpha told the press this week that it is moving forward with its project in the country. As the firm’s legal advisor, Idelfonso Romero said they filed all documentation required by the government. Thus, the company plans to install a tourist megacomplex that may include several casinos.

Moreover, earlier this year, Cora Alpha also requested four casino licences for its project. They estimate that the property will be completed by 2023 and will attract 3 million visitors during its first year of operations.

“Elysium City’s emphasis on environmental planning and the impact on sustainability will ensure that the project preserves the region’s beauty and its heritage,” he told EFE.

Casino applications

After announcing its plans for the Elysium City development, the mega-complex planned for Extremadura, Cora Alpha requested four casino licences. 

As Spanish media reported, the company’s Communications Director Ignacio Sojo confirmed that he applied for a master licence. 

“The Master licence that has been requested is initially for four casinos,” Sojo told El Periódico de Extremadura.

“The leisure offer will be wide, according to its promoters, so that gaming will only be one more vertical in what the Elysium City project intends to be,” he added. That way, the first process to add gambling to the project has already kicked off.

Elysium City, the Cora Alpha mega project, would involve an initial investment of US$3,965 million in a first phase and up to US$9,000 million later. In addition, the company has already presented the necessary US$11 million and project documentation.

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