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KSA discusses new gambling act

dutch remote gambling act 2021
Dekker said that the members of the Senate have expressed concerns about the future advertising policy.

The Dutch gambling regulator has discussed its goal to have a Remote Gambling Act by January 1, 2021.

Netherlands.- Sander Dekker, Minister for Legal Protection, wrote a letter to the Dutch Upper and Lower Chamber to inform the parliament about the effective date in which the country aims to have a Remote Gambling Act into effect, which would be January 1, 2021.

In the letter, Dekker discusses a series of measures that will be followed in order to have a regulatory framework in place. He says: “The effectiveness of the enforcement instruments of the gaming authority will be taken into account when evaluating the Remote Gambling Act. Based on the evaluation, it will be considered whether other or additional measures are needed.”

He said that the members of the Senate have expressed concerns about the future advertising policy. “I take their concerns seriously. I have therefore had two investigations carried out.” One provides an overview of the developments in advertising around the world, and the other talks about the expected effects of restrictions on or a prohibition on gambling advertising when it comes to the number of players.

KSA to expose operators that refuse to pay fines

KSA will make public which gambling operators refuse to pay the imposed fines. It aims to inform consumers about providers that may be unreliable. KSA has the authority to impose a fine on a gambling provider that violates the Gambling Act. If a provider doesn’t pay after a reminder, the KSA starts a collection procedure. The Dutch regulator said that it will make this public by mentioning the refusal of payment with the decision on its website.

Before the KSA exposes the operators, the company in question is first given the opportunity to give an opinion on the disclosure. If a company later pays the fine or makes a payment arrangement, the payment refusal will be removed from the website.

“Some of the providers take their responsibility for the penalty imposed by paying the fine. Some providers try to escape their punishment. If the provider refuses to pay, the KSA sees a strong indication that that provider is unreliable,” said the KSA.

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