Dutch online gambling tax debated

Dutch current laws date back 50 years, before the internet was invented.

New legislation regulating online gambling could come into effect at some point this summer.

Holland.- A coalition of Members of Parliament at the Duch chambers is calling for online gambling tax to be the same as land based gambling, once it is legalised in the European country. According to the MP it should be set at 29 percent, 9 points more than what the government was planning for online gambling.

The Dutch government wanted to introduce a tax rate of 20 percent for online gambling aim to encourage offshore online gambling operators to become legal. Official estimations inform that Dutch nationals spend around €800m a year on illegal gambling internet sites. But the MPs consider that the tax difference is unfair, and the amount should be equal to what land base business have to pay. Casino monopoly Holland Casino and arcade owners within the country have to pay 29 percent tax on proceeds of gambling.

However, MPs of both ruling parties have agreed that after three years of operation, all online gambling companies can pay 25 percent tax. Although the country has not set a date for the launch of regulated online gambling, it could be legalised by next summer.

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