DraftKings bets on the UK

English Premier League of football will be also sponsored by the Daily Fantasy Sports’ provider.

UK.- At the end of the week, DraftKings will be starting its deeper relationship with the United Kingdom. Whilst the licence to land in British territory was given last August to allow online sports gambling, the website’s software will be ready next Friday.

Independently of what is being discussed in US courts with the meaning of sports betting in the gaming industry, the time taken to launch the site was due to product’s improvements, as Jeff Haas, Chief International Officer of DraftKings in London, reported.

UK’s market seems to receive Daily Fantasy Sports bets with open arms whilst their legal position in the US is losing its power. Texas and Hawaii have already banned them, New York is debating between the two extremes, while New Jersey and Nevada are more welcoming to modern ways of wagers entertainment.

DraftKings’ services are based on real life sports teams that define their skills and performances through the game seasons. Players must set their bets -to compete against each other- whilst assembling those teams and scoring fantasy points in order to win cash prizes. Haas keeps defending their work and he stated: “We are a pure game of skill. People use their brain in order to be successful. We also offer players the opportunity to play against each other, not just in large pools of people across the world, but among their friends and family.”