Denmark could open the market

Gaming industry in Denmark could soon be restructured as European authorities have ended the monopoly.

Denmark.- Danske Spil’s exclusive operations in the online bingo and horse racing sectors could end soon. The monopoly would now be dissolved as authorities from the European Commission have approved last week a legislative plan to restructure the gaming industry in Denmark. The approval was signed on Friday 2.

“Interest in and turnover of betting on horse racing has been declining since 2007 and an assessment has shown that the current model, in which Danske Spil A/S has a monopoly, has not been able to sustain interest in the bets. This has had a negative influence on the sport of horse racing,” stated the official assessment.

Both land-based and online horse racing activities and the online bingo would be operated under new federal regulations. The European Commission’s approved amendment also proposes an 8 percent of taxes to contribute with the development of the industry. The new legislation, which was addressed by the Denmark’s Congress the same day, would take effect on January 1.

Private companies would be enabled to present operating projects “with the objective of channeling players away from the unregulated market into a Danish regulated market, including Danish protection of the players.”

Rumors of Danske Spil’s privatisation began late last year and officials have been discussing possible amendments to expand the gaming industry.

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