Delaware improves sports betting operations

Delaware improves sports betting operations
The sports betting industry recovered in March. Credits:

Total revenue amounted to US$1.6 million, which is a significant increase from March’s US$22k.

US.- March Madness, one of the biggest sports events of the year in the US, has helped Delaware recover from an extremely underwhelming performance in February. The state posted US$1.6 million in revenue in March, representing a 228% increase from February.

The figure posted in March represents the best performance so far in 2019 and the highest total since the Delaware Lottery registered US$2.1 million in December 2018. All three facilities that offer sports betting services reported month-on-month increases.

During March, punters bet US$16.1 million on sports, a figure that is lower than the US$16.4 million wagered in February. However, this was offset by consumers only winning US$13.6 million in March compared to the US$15.1 million in February.

Delaware Park was again the top scorer in the state, totalling US$6.6 million in bets and US$1.04 million in revenue. Dover Downs totalled US$328k in revenue and US$2.1 million in wagers. Harrington Raceway follows the list with revenue of US$279k off US$1.8 million in wagers.

From January 1 to the end of March, sports betting in Delaware posted revenue of US$3.1 million and US$30.9 million wagered. Punters scored a total of US$27.4 million.

Furthermore, the Delaware Lottery reported that the local online gaming market increased revenue in March to US$288k. That figure was up from the US$274k that it registered the previous month. Players bet US$14.6 million, up from the US$9 million wagered online in February.

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