DC Lottery raises concerns over unlicensed operators

The regulator has warned gamblers, businesses and media.
The regulator has warned gamblers, businesses and media.

The DC Lottery has urged consumers and businesses to use authorised sports betting operators.

US.- As sports betting rapidly expands across the US, the Washington DC Office of Lottery and Gaming (OLG) has issued a warning over the dangers of using unlicensed operators.

The entity warned gamblers and operators that illegal sports betting operators often lack consumer protections, integrity protocols and anti-money laundering controls.

The OLG recommended “that consumers only engage sports wagering using companies licensed by OLG or offered directly by the District’s through the DC Lottery.”

Media outlets, marketing firms and any other business involved with sportsbook advertising were advised to be cautious about which platforms they endorse.

The DC Lottery also stressed that intermediaries, who place bets on behalf of others, are prohibited. Using them could lead to prosecutions of both the bettor and intermediary.

The OLG concluded: “The OLG is committed to ensuring sports wagering offered in the District is conducted in a fair and safe manner.

“This starts with a rigorist license application process and continues with robust oversight of sports wagering licensee operations by the OLG.”