Danske Spil reports record 2019

Danske Spil reports record 2019

Danske Spil has revealed that 2019 was a record lucky year for its customers, as 229 Danes became millionaires.

Denmark.- The Danish company Danske Spil has announced record figures from its 2019 performance. Last year, the company turned 229 local citizens into millionaires, most of them coming from Lotto.

The company said that 154 winners came from Lotto, while 104 of them won the Millionaire Guarantee. In addition, 30 people had found the golden number combination that could collect a million winnings at the Eurojackpot.

The Keno number game and Quick scratch cards have also been successful in 2019. All nine people had found the right number combination which led to a million Keno win. In addition, 16 people scraped themselves for winnings of over a million dollars on Quick’s many different scratch games.

Denmark to increase iGaming tax

Denmark’s Social Democratic government recently approved the Finance Act for this year. The new budget in Denmark increases taxes for iGaming and sports betting providers by 8%, which brings the total to 28%.

The government believes that increasing the taxes to 38% will make them perceive an extra €20.1 million in profits into government coffers, Xinhua reported. The measure received support from Unity List, Radicals, SF and the Alternative Party.

The government decided to increase the taxes for iGaming and sports betting operators as it believed that it was significantly lower than the one land-based casinos pay. A 45% on gaming gross revenue (GGR) tax is paid by casinos and an extra 30% on revenue higher than €535k.

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