Czech Republic launches new lottery system

Czech Republic presents an innovative lottery system to prevent frauds and increase revenues.

Czech Republic.- Next month the new lottery system presented by the Ministry of Finance of Czech Republic will become effective in the national gaming market. The new modality of receipt lottery allows players to register as clients and be part of the electronic cash register system to participate at lottery drawings.

“The receipt lottery will be part of the electronic cash register system launched in December 2016 to fight tax evasion and subsequently boost revenues. Under the scheme, the receipts will also act as lottery tickets in a draw,” explains the Czech press.

The Ministry will be in charge of controlling the lottery results and will present a report in a year to evaluate its efficiency. The receipt lottery system allegedly gives the government an opportunity to increase revenue whilst fighting tax evasion.

“The aim of the receipt lottery is to motivate people to insist on getting proper receipts for their purchases. The Ministry of Finance hopes to boost the effectiveness of the electronic cash register system. According to the Minister of Finance, Ivan Pilný, the benefits of the lottery should exceed the operational expenses,” continues the statement.

Under the lottery receipt, Czech residents would receive over 21,025 prizes per month. Prizes will be set in cash, cars and other suppliants.