Japan’s Current Corp targets Nagasaki IR

Japanese company Current Corp stated that it would invest in a Nagasaki IR, should the prefecture decide to push for a licence once regulations come through.

Japan.- A Nagasaki IR seems to be gaining momentum as more interest in the area arises. Japan’s Current Corp became the latest to announce that it would aim to invest in a potential development.

According to director and chief administrative officer Hidenobu Takagi, its investment would rise to €4.5 billion. He revealed the company’s Nagasaki IR plans and told media outlet GGRAsia that it would partner Hong Kong-listed Get Nice Holdings Ltd.

“Since we are Japanese, we can work closely with local business partners in Sasebo and in Nagasaki,” he told GGRAsia. “That’s one of our big strengths, compared to the other bidders.”

“Current Corp is a company of the SRC Group that will partner with Get Nice Holdings and Sofitel Macau, and Success Universe,” he said.

More interested in Nagasaki

As several companies look to Japan to potentially develop their casinos, NagaCorp is assessing where it would host. The company announced Huis Ten Bosch amusement park could be an option for its Nagasaki IR.

Adam Steinberg, advisor to Hong Kong-listed NagaCorp’s founder and chief executive Chen Lip Keong revealed the interest to GGRAsia. “We’re still very much evaluating in the (Nagasaki) area for our options and opportunities,” he said. “We did not yet start the design process. It’s going to change over time.”

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