Curaçao’s gambling regulator issues guidelines ahead of sub-licence deadline

Curaçao has yet to approve its new gambling legislation.
Curaçao has yet to approve its new gambling legislation.

Applications for direct licences under the current legislation will close on March 31.

Curaçao.- The Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) has issued guidelines for operators applying for direct licences under the island’s current gambling legislation. The deadline for applications for existing sub-licence holders is March 31.

The guidelines might seem to have come a little late, but they clarify the licence application process and details the documents that need to be submitted. They note that applications will be deemed submitted if they contain three completed forms: the online gaming application form, the personal history disclosure and the corporate and business information form. 

In cases where other documents, such as police conduct reports, are needed and they are not submitted by the deadline, applicants must show that they have taken steps to obtain them. Current master licensors are responsible for the registrations of their sub-licensees and related domains. 

The current application process is for direct licences to be issued under Curaçao’s current legislation, the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (NOOGH). The island’s parliament is currently finalising new legislation, the National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK), which is intended to improve the reputation of the Curaçao igaming industry and direct more benefits to the island.

At LOK’s first reading in Curaçao’s parliament, finance minister Javier Silvania urged legislators to ensure a quick approval, saying the legislation would improve Curaçao’s reputation internationally.

Silvania said: “Curacao, as a small island, has faced significant challenges regarding its reputation in the online gaming industry. We have often been portrayed as a hub for criminal activities and money laundering, contributing to a negative image. However, this perception is set to change with the LOK.”

He said the new law “will enhance our reputation by promoting transparency, accountability and compliance with international standards in these critical areas”.

After LOK is implemented, the new Curaçao Gaming Authority will take over from the GCB as regulator.

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