China lottery reported growth

Chinese lottery results were published yesterday by the Ministry of Finance.

China.- According to a report released yesterday by the Chinese Ministry of Finance, the national lottery perceived an 8.3 percent growth in sales throughout October, in comparison with results achieved over the same period last year. The total amount of sales registered last month reached US$4.9 billion.

As to the total result from January to October, the Chinese lottery grew 6.7 percent to US$46.7 billion.The Ministry’s report shows that lottery sales were higher in Hunan province mostly, with the largest growth nationwide to US$61.6 million. Shandong, Hubei, Shaanxi and Henan provinces confirmed great results as well.

Yesterday’s statement also revealed the results of sales of welfare lottery tickets year on year in October, the segment increased 6 percent to $17.307 billion yuan. Furthermore, sports lottery sales grew 10.9 percent to $16.52 billion yuan.

The current Chinese regime, the lottery incomes covers the administrative fees, public walfare projects and prize money. The positive results of October were well received as they would boost the national market. Nevertheless, two top officials, Minister of Civil Affairs Li Liguo and deputy Dou Yupei, are seemingly investigated due to an apparent massive fraud involving welfare lottery operations. Authorities have not revealed further information on the issue.