Changes in Missouri DFS law

The Missouri Fantasy Sports Consumer Protection Act became a law and it will give the Missouri Gaming Commission regulatory authority over DFS sites.

US.- The Missouri Gaming Commission will be able to investigate and license fantasy sports site operators, such as DraftKings and Fanduel. It will also be able to take action against operators who violate the act and it will provide several consumer protections such as prohibiting DFS contests based on college and high school sports.

Restricting advertisements targeted towards minors and prohibiting participants under the age of 18 from playing are also important points of the act. Charlie Davis, Missouri state representative, said: “We believe protecting the younger generation is a priority. The last thing we want to do is have junior high and high school kids get involved in fantasy sports where they’re actually investing money and then losing everything they have. So I think it’s something that needs to be focused on adults, not children.”

The Missouri Gaming Commission will be funded by US$10.000 or 10 percent of the fantasy sports operator’s net revenue from Missouri participants that will be collected as an application fee. Besides that, the operators will have to pay an annual fee of 11.5 percent of their net revenue from the state participants, which will be deposited into the Gaming Proceeds for Education Fund.