Casinos’ revenue drops in Northwest Indiana

Northwest Indiana casinos slightly decreased revenues in July 2018. Credits: Listas 20 minutos

The gambling facilities reported a 2.2 per cent decrease in gaming revenue in July 2018.

US.- Northwest Indiana’s casinos experienced a shaky month in July, as the facilities reported a 2.2 per cent fall in gaming revenue when compared to the same month in 2017. July 2018 win was US$77.5 million, approximately US$1.7 million less than July 2017.

Despite the decrease during last month’s operations, the decline barely hurt the casinos’ year-to-date performance, as US$556 million is only US$4 million below the first seven months of 2017, which also represents a drop of less than one per cent.

Ameristar Vice President and General Manager, Matt Schuffert, said that the calendar explains why there has been a drop: “We traded a Saturday for a Tuesday — that will explain some of it.” Last year July had five Saturdays, while this year it only had four. He also said that Fourth of July (Independence Day) fell on a Wednesday, the furthest day from the weekend.

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