Casinos in South California use art and social media to draw in visitors

Casinos in South California use art and social media to draw in visitors

Some casinos in South California have been using a new marketing strategy involving art and social media to attract more visitors.

US.- Casinos in South California are using a new strategy to draw in new clients: using art and social media to boost awareness of their brands.

Darrel Kammeyer, vice president of marketing for Agua Caliente Casinos, told Pasadena Star News that art was part of the Coachella Valley experience and that casinos wanted to representat that and make art part of their attraction.

Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage‘s desert landscape piece created by Autumn Martino went viral after Instagram users posted pictures of themselves in front of it.

Kammeyer said: “It’s interactive, it’s memorable, it documents it and it also suggests to other people that may want that same type of experience to come and try us out as well.”

Rancho Mirage Resort has been running its art programme for more than a year, with the resort encouraging people to post their pictures with pieces on Facebook or Instagram.

According to the Pasadena Star, Agua Caliente is not the only casino implementing such a strategy.

Casino properties throughout Southern California have made visible forays into social media marketing:  Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa’s MEBar has been doing something similar while other casinos invite social media influencers to create content inside the venues.

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