Casinos in Indiana: The most highlighted information about them

Casinos in Indiana: The most highlighted information about them

Indiana might not be the first state that you think of when traveling for casinos. But believe it or not, the industry is thriving. The Hoosier State has several land-based casinos, and sports betting – both online and offline – is regulated in the country. 

It’s easy to center much of your attention in Indiana on the capital, Indianapolis. But by doing so, you’ll miss out on many of the state’s other excellent casinos. And if you want to find out which are the best options to go for, you’re in the right place.

This article will show you the top casinos in Indiana, and you’ll also learn about whether there are any online casinos in the state. 

Are Casinos in Indiana Legal? 

Understanding the gambling landscape in the Midwest is complex, as some states are more strict than others. For example, Kentucky – which sits right next to Indiana – has made gambling almost completely illegal. The good news, however, is that casinos in Indiana are legal. 

You will find casinos throughout the state, and many of them are in the south of Indiana – which is close to the border with Kentucky. As such, both locals and people living in Kentucky can easily travel to these venues to gamble. 

The laws for gambling in Indiana depend on the vertical you choose. You can play the lottery at 18, but the legal age to enter a casino is 21. Many casinos in the state also have bars, which you again need to be 21 if you want to use. 

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Casinos in Indianapolis 

Before we look at the rest of the state, it’s worth looking at what’s the best casino in Indianapolis. You may be surprised to hear that the state’s capital city actually doesn’t have many of the best casinos; you’ll instead find these elsewhere. 

Nonetheless, we’ll look at some of the best casinos in Indianapolis below. 

Indy Bingo 

While you will find a selection of casinos in Indianapolis, you may also want to try out different games in more relaxed settings. You might think that bingo is reserved for old people, but the reality is that you can enjoy playing – regardless of your age. 

Another benefit of playing bingo is that often, you don’t deal with competition that’s as fierce as is sometimes the case with other casino games. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can go to Indy Bingo. 

Indy Bingo is around the northwest corner of Indianapolis, and it’s open on certain days during the week. You can also help support child safety initiatives by playing at Indy Bingo. 

Winner’s Circle Sports Pub 

If you’d like to bet on sports, one of the best casinos in Indiana for this is the Winner’s Circle Sports Pub. You can wager on your favorite sports each day, and you will also find a wide selection of options if you’d like to bet on horse racing. 

Besides the betting, the Winner’s Circle Sports Pub also offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy. And on top of that, you will also find numerous meals on its menu – plus desserts and sides. 

The sports pub is close to Monument Circle, making it incredibly easy to find if you’re ever in the downtown area of Indianapolis. 

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Horseshoe Indianapolis

Horse racing is popular throughout many Midwestern states, and Indiana is no different. If you’re interested in horse racing, Horseshoe Indianapolis might be worth checking out if you find yourself in the city. 

Horseshoe Indianapolis brands itself as the “ultimate gambling destination”. And if you don’t want to visit Las Vegas, it’s perhaps one of the best places you can go to when you’re in the US. Here, you will find a racetrack where you can watch a wide selection of races. 

You can also play different games at the casino here, with around 1,600 slots available. But that’s not all; you will also find 92 table games ready for you to enjoy. 

In addition to the casino, you can wager on sports while at the Horseshoe Indianapolis sportsbook. Food and drink are also available while you watch live sports at the venue. 

Casinos in Southern Indiana 

While you’ll find a selection of casinos in Indianapolis, the best casinos in Indiana are typically toward the south of the country. If you’re looking for more places to play your favorite games, the subsections below are for you. 

Caesars Southern Indiana 

Caesars is one of the top names in the US gambling sector, and its casino resorts are popular throughout the country. You’ll find one of its main ones in Las Vegas, but you don’t need to travel to Sin City to enjoy one. In fact, you’ll find a Caesars venue in the south of Indiana. 

Caesars Southern Indiana is one of the best casinos in Indiana. Here, you’ll find numerous slots, along with the chance to participate in jackpots. But that’s not all; you can also take part in several table games, including poker. 

If sports betting is more of interest to you, Caesars Southern Indiana also has a sportsbook that allows you to wager on your favorite leagues and teams. On top of that, you can stay overnight if you’d prefer to do that than come for a day trip. 

Caesars Southern Indiana is in Elizabeth, which is between two and two-and-a-half hours from Indianapolis. It’s also roughly 30 minutes from Louisville, Kentucky. 

Hollywood Casino & Hotel Lawrenceburg

Another Indiana casino that’s in the south of the state is Hollywood Casino & Hotel Lawrenceburg. This venue is close to the border with Ohio, which – unlike Kentucky – actually allows gambling and has several casinos of its own. 

Hollywood Casino & Hotel Lawrenceburg has a wide selection of slot games for you to choose from, and you’ll also find a sportsbook branded by Barstool Sports. At the sportsbook, you can wager on numerous teams and leagues – while also enjoying some food at the restaurant. 

The venue also has a dedicated poker room, where you can pit your wits in a real-life setting. And if you want to play other kinds of table games, you’ll find several here – such as a unique variation of craps called “Crapless Craps”. 

The closest big city to Hollywood Casino & Hotel Lawrenceburg is Cincinnati, Ohio; you can get to the casino in around 30 minutes. 

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Belterra Casino Resort

Another major casino in Southern Indiana is Belterra Casino Resort, which calls itself “Southern Indiana’s Premiere Casino”. That’s a big statement, but you could argue that it backs this up pretty well. You will find numerous slot machines, with two high-limit slot rooms available. 

You can also enjoy numerous table games if you’d prefer to go with that instead. Craps is offered at the Belterra Casino Resort, and so is double deck blackjack. You can also play roulette and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. 

If you’d rather bet on sports, you can find a sportsbook at Belterra Casino Resort as well. Progressive jackpots are another thing you can participate in; the casino resort is around two hours from Indianapolis and close to both Louisville and Cincinnati. 

Are There Any Online Casinos in Indiana? 

Although Indiana’s land-based casino industry is thriving, the online casino space is a little more complicated. You cannot, at the time of writing in November 2022, legally play online casino games within the Hoosier State. 

This might change in the future, but you’re restricted to land-based casinos for now. 

What Forms of Online Gambling Are Legal in Indiana?

While online casino games in Indiana are illegal, the good news is that not all kinds of gambling are. For example, the sports betting sector is thriving. You will find plenty of places that you can wager on sports online in Indiana; below are a couple of the best sports betting websites. 

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FanDuel is one of the most established sports betting brands in the US, and it’s operating in numerous states – including Indiana. You can easily wager on your favorite teams and leagues, with the likes of the NFL and NHL available. 

The FanDuel app is available on both iOS and Android devices. You’ll need to sign up and verify your identity, before depositing money into your account. After that, you’re free to begin betting. 


DraftKings is another of the most popular sportsbooks in the US, and it has a presence in Indiana. You can bet on the major American leagues, along with numerous that are further afield – such as the Premier League in England. 

Like FanDuel, you’ll first need to sign up for an account. After that, you can deposit money and begin betting. 

All of the Best Casinos in Indiana 

Indiana is one of the most surprising places in the US when it comes to casinos. You will find plenty of land-based casinos throughout the state, with many of them in the south and positioned close to the border with Kentucky. However, you can also find a selection within the Indianapolis area as well. 

While online casino games aren’t permitted in the Hoosier State, you can easily participate in sports wagering. Sports betting is also allowed in various casinos, meaning that you’ll be able to bet on whatever you want without difficulty.