Casino Taipa reopened its doors

The Macau based casino reactivated its operations at the Regency Art Hotel.

Macau.- The Casino Taipa that is featured in the Regency Art Hotel in Macau reopened its doors last week with more than 100 electronic gaming seats and five tables. According to Union Gaming, the reopening will not bring extra earnings.

The casino that opened back in 1987 and closed its doors in 2008, was under a license of SJM, the local operator. Grant Govertsen, an analyst of the investment firm, said that they don’t believe that the Casino Taipa is gonna generate material revenues or profits. ”This is a function not only of its size, but also given its location in Taipa that is disadvantageous relative to both the Macau peninsula and Cotai,” he added.

The five new tables represent 0.3 percent of the total supply that SJM holds. “We believe the license has sat in some sort of dormant state over the intervening eight years,’ the analyst said, believing there is a framework for a casino license to stay dormant for some period of time. For example, SJM’s third-party promoted Greek Mythology casino also seems to be in a similar state today with the potential to reopen in the future,” he said.