Casino revenues fall in Mississippi

The local department of revenue released the January casino results.

US.- The Mississippi Department of Revenue announced the casino results for January, where the state experienced a 7 percent fall in revenues to US$166 million. On January 2016, Mississippi reported US$178 million.

The 16 River casinos were the ones that experienced the biggest fall in revenues with 13 percent to US$67 million, compared to the US$77 million registered a year before. Coastal casinos also experienced a 2 percent decrease, slightly less than River casinos, with US$99 million this year, almost US$2 million less than in 2016. Overall the results are underwhelming since casino revenues have been increasing exponentially since 2014.

Last month, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians announced that they’re planning the opening of a new casino on the northern part of Carthage in Leake County. Phyllis Anderson, chief of the tribe, said that the future casino will generate employment and revenue for the tribe, which is growing exponentially every year and has reached 11.000 members.