Casino legalisation in Japan seems dead

The Japanese government has hammered the last nail in the coffin of the gambling legislation.

Japan.- The  30 member team the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry created to draft the gambling legislation has been disbanded by the Japanese government.

This means the hope for approving bills legalising casinos in the Asian country before the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is inevitably dead. Since the very beginning, legislators encountered a number of delays and obstacles which lead to this stage. Now it seems the prospects of creating a US$40 billion a year gaming industry are not bound to happen.

Lured in by the potential this industry will represent in Japan, Las Vegas giants followed the development of this legalisation with interest. Las Vegas Sands Corp., the largest casino developer in the world proposed a US$10 billion project and MGM, another U.S.-based casino operator was also expectant on the outcome of this proposal.