Canadian operators urged to enter DFS business


States like Ottawa have shown little interest to legalise the DFS industry.

A specialist believes that DFS is a good opportunity for lottery operators to add a new gaming product.

Canada.- Jeffrey Derevensky, a Professor from McGill University, urged provincial lottery corporations to start paying attention to daily fantasy sports (DFS), since he believes that it represents a good opportunity for them to add a growing gaming product.

According to CBC News, Derevensky said: ”When you’re putting money down to win money and there’s a probability that you’re not going to win money, then that’s gambling.” He is trying to encourage provincial governments to consider DFS as an online game, because he thinks that they can label the activity as gambling and regulate it properly. “Any form of fantasy should have those same kind of responsible gambling features built into their site,” he added.

States like Ottawa have shown little interest to legalise the DFS industry in the past since only sites with servers in the country were considered, a difficult task to complete since most of DFS operators are foreign companies.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has stated that DFS is growing in popularity and interest and they’re keeping a close eye on it at the moment, even if they don’t have immediate plans to offer the market on its site. James Chisholm, DraftKings’s director of public affairs, said: “We have competition everywhere. That’s what drives us. No one has a greater incentive to ensure people who are playing our game are who they say they are than we do.”