Canada’s BC continues to investigate money laundering

canada money laundering

BC is looking to investigate money laundering in the province. (Credits:

The government of British Columbia will keep the website used to post anonymous tips of money laundering open for another month.

Canada.- The government of the Canadian province of British Columbia has announced that it will extend for yet another month a website to post money laundering tips.

The portal is anonymous and was created to get the public to report potential instances of money laundering in the province. It was created in November 2018 as part of the government’s strategy to tackle the issue.

David Eby, BC’s Attorney General, spoke with local media on Friday and said that €1.3 billion in dirty money flowed into both licensed and unregulated casinos, besides the luxury real estate market. “I started pulling on the thread of this casino laundering that was taking place and it has led to a real rat’s nest of rot, really, in the system,” he said.

Peter German, a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police deputy commissioner, conducted a review on money laundering last year and is specifically looking into potential money laundering in the real estate, luxury vehicles and horse racing industry in the province. He has been reviewing tips submitted to the portal and has already began following 150 leads.

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