BtoBet signed an agreement with Bridgerpay

The agreement will improve the customer experience.
The agreement will improve the customer experience.

Through this agreement, bookmaker customers will be able to use a portfolio of local payment methods.

Press release.- The sports betting provider BtoBet reached a deal with the payment orchestration platform BridgerPay. Through it, bookmakers are ready to start benefiting from an optimized payment flow.

BtoBet partners will now be in a position to boost their conversions by providing their players with a portfolio of local payment types. Created with scalability in mind, BridgerPay also enables bookmakers to simplify their expansion into new markets – giving them access to more than 100 countries and 900 payment methods.

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Through the Bridger Retry engine – now natively integrated – BtoBet partners will also have the opportunity to minimize failed player transactions. And thus also improve the customer experience and increase conversion and retention rates.

“Payments are an integral part of the customer journey for any iGaming operation. Different players around the world want to use their preferred payment methods, and each market has its own set of transaction options,” said Dima Reiderman, Chief Operating Officer of BtoBet.

He added: “To optimize the player experience and maximize the lifetime value of the player, bookmakers must provide that set of payment methods that are locally trusted and that players feel safe to use. Through BridgerPay we will be able to further close the gaps that still result in transactional processes.”

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Meanwhile, Ran Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of BridgerPay, said: “Many verticals and industries around the world still face the same problems when it comes to payments. In addition, not all operators have the knowledge and technological capabilities to connect to different payment options, in order to provide their players with a holistic payment ecosystem as part of their UX”.

“These difficulties are further intensified when operators want to scale their business to new markets and seek to integrate local payment methods,” he remarked.

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