British military bases in Cyprus eradicate illegal gambling

The authorities said that they successfully finished a four-year campaign against illegal gambling.

Cyprus.- Police at a British military base in Cyprus revealed on Tuesday that they successfully wrapped up a four-year campaign aimed to eradicate illegal gambling within their jurisdiction. The operations saw more than €31k in cash seized.

All illegal casinos operating within their jurisdiction have now been closed, said the authorities. During the four-year period, more than €100k have been paid in bail money, more than 30 people received significant fines and other 10 have been imprisoned, Cyprus Mail detailed.

“This announcement, which also includes the donation of 30 computers to local schools, marks the culmination of a four-year clamp-down that began back in 2014 when a total of nine illegal casinos were actively operating under the radar within the SBAs,” the bases said.

Superintendent Dinos Petrou talked at a press conference at the Akrotiri police station and said that illegal activity has finally been eradicated after several operations by the force. “We have been working tirelessly for the past four years now to ensure that we close down all of these illegal casinos and today we are delighted to be able to confirm, that has now happened,” he said.

“We have donated a considerable amount of police hours to combating this crime and through the outstanding work of our officers and with the help of our partners at the Cyprus Police, who have played a major role alongside us, we have been able to succeed and bring many offenders to justice,” he added.

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