Brazilian Senate discusses gambling legalisation

Brazilian Senate discusses gambling legalisation

Once again the Senate of Brazil will start debating the legalisation of gambling in the country, with a final regulation expected by the end of 2020.

Brazil.- The Brazilian Senate resumed discussion on the legalisation of gambling in the country. This time, they will discuss the complementary bill 186-2014 in the coming days, and if everything goes smoothly, Brazil can expect a final regulation by the end of this year.

According to BNL Data, the regulatory progress is facing opposition from religious groups. Moreover, religious deputies are trying to unite to block the treatment of the bill to legalise gambling in Brazil. The evangelical Parliamentary Front of the National Congress, with 193 deputies and 8 senators, seek to group with other fronts to curb the advance of the law.

“They cannot institute this law in Brazil, because the Evangelical Parliamentary Front, the Parliamentary Front in Defense of Life and Family and the Catholic Parliamentary Front will be strongly united against it,” said the coordinator of the Evangelical Parliamentary Front in the House, Deputy Silas House (Republicans-AM).

Gambling is delayed

Touristic casinos in Brazil are one of the most desired options for the international market. Thus, the authorities seek to apply the example of countries that recently legalised the gambling industry, such as Japan.

However, the current controversy over bribes to politicians to allow greater gaming facilities could end up affecting the situation in Brazil. According to local experts, the proposals studied by Brazilian lawmakers were based on Japanese regulations. The next step is to wait for the results of the investigation to follow such a model to look for another to apply in Brazil.

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