Biser Bozhanov: “We have an exceptional line-up of products that we look forward to showcasing at Belgrade Future Gaming Expo”

Biser Bozhanov, director business development and strategies  at CT Gaming.
Biser Bozhanov, director business development and strategies at CT Gaming.

Biser Bozhanov, director of business development and strategies
at CT Gaming spoke with Focus Gaming News about the company’s upcoming attendance at Belgrade Future Gaming Expo.

Exclusive interview.- CT Gaming has prepared an exciting range of products and innovations to present at the upcoming Belgrade Future Gaming Expo.

To find out more about how the company is preparing for the event, Focus Gaming News sat down with Biser Bozhanov, director of business development and strategies at the company.

How are you preparing for Belgrade Future Gaming 2023?

We are very excited about our participation in the upcoming Belgrade Future Gaming Expo. As a company, we have been preparing to make a strong impact at the event. Our dedicated team has been working very hard to ensure that we are able to showcase our latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions in the gaming industry.

We have carefully created our stand to provide an immersive experience for our visitors, allowing them to explore our diverse range of products and solutions. From the layout of the stand to the interactive displays, our aim is to captivate visitors and show them the true potential of our products.

What are the company’s objectives for the expo? What are your expectations in terms of meeting with clients and potential deals?

Our primary goal for the expo is to strengthen our relationships with existing customers and build new partnerships within the Serbian market. We believe that the Belgrade Future Gaming Expo offers us a unique opportunity to connect with operators and industry experts, as well as catching up with old friends.

We aim to showcase our competence and capabilities to potential customers and provide them with valuable insights into our products and solutions. We look forward to great discussions that can lead to exciting collaborations and sealing new deals.

What products are you most eager to showcase?

We have an exceptional line-up of products that we look forward to showcasing at the Expo. One of the highlights is our popular Diamond King 2 multigame. This captivating multi-game offers players a diverse selection of popular titles including Lucky Clover, Fire King, Wizzard Blizzard and Duck of Luck. In addition, 10 of the 50 games are linked to our exciting 3-level Diamond Tree Progressive Jackpot, adding extra excitement.

We will be presenting several new products at Belgrade Future Gaming. One of them is the eagerly awaited Diamond King 3. This will be the first time it will be shown to the gaming public. We believe that this multi-game experience is a real gem, with a powerful 3-level jackpot theme of Diamond Tree that will add an extra layer of excitement for our customers. Diamond King 3 includes an enhanced version of three of Mega Jack’s most popular games, the power trio of Cherry Party, Aztec Gold and Champagne Party. The fact that these player favourites are included creates the perfect conditions for a successful cross-generational gaming experience.

Another product we are excited to showcase is our Rhino casino management system. This system has been the subject of a number of enhancements and updates in line with the latest industry trends and our customers’ preferences. Rhino CMS is designed to offer operators a comprehensive and efficient casino management solution. Rhino’s advanced features and easy-to-use interface help operators streamline operations, improve player retention and increase revenue.

Do you have in mind something new around your recent multigame Diamond Tree 20 Games?

Certainly! We always strive to bring exciting innovations to our players, and Diamond Tree 20 Games is no exception. This multi-game package offers an incredible selection of 20 thrilling games, each linked to the captivating 3-level progressive jackpot, Diamond Tree. We are in the process of bringing this multi-game to a wider number of markets and a wider audience. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting release!

The EZ Modulo 32/32 and the Next, from CT Gaming, were also a big draw at ICE London 2023. What’s next for those cabinet offerings for gaming floors?

The EZ Modulo 32/32 has received tremendous positive feedback. We are thrilled with its success. On the back of this success, we are actively working on further improvements and expansions to the product proposition for gaming floors. Our team is constantly on the lookout for new technologies and innovative features that will enhance the player experience.

Our focus is on delivering exceptional performance, enhanced player engagement and seamless integration with existing operator systems. EZ Modulo 32/32 is here to stay and we are looking forward to introducing exciting updates and customisations to meet ever-changing gaming needs.

As with our other best-selling product, Next, we have big plans for Latin America. This will be the first time it has been officially launched there. The cabinet will make its highly anticipated entry into most markets in the second half of the year, with its recent homologation in Peru being a key highlight. Next will be unveiled at the Peru Gaming Show in June and will be available for immediate retail purchase.

What would you say are the major leaps in technology that are being incorporated in the casino and igaming industry?

The land-based casino industry has witnessed remarkable leaps in technology, revolutionising the way casinos operate and improving the overall gaming experience for players. One major advancement is the integration of advanced player-tracking systems. 

These systems enable casinos to gain valuable insights into player behaviour, preferences and patterns by using highly intelligent technologies to collect and analyse data. This data-driven approach allows operators to customise their offerings, personalise rewards, and create targeted marketing campaigns, ultimately leading to improved player satisfaction and increased revenues.

The incorporation of innovative game content and multi-game platforms has also transformed the land-based casino industry. 

Game developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the creation of compelling themes, exciting bonus features and engaging gameplay mechanics. Multi-game platforms, such as our Diamond King series, offer players a diverse selection of games within a single slot, providing greater variety and choice.

Another significant technological leap has been the convergence of land-based and online gaming. Operators are increasingly adopting omnichannel solutions that seamlessly integrate land-based and online platforms, giving all players a consistent experience across channels. 

This trend is opening up new opportunities for cross-promotions, joint loyalty programmes and increased player engagement.

Are you thinking of including Latin America in your business plan for 2023?

That’s right. Latin America is a major focus of our 2023 business plan. We are well aware of the immense potential of the Latin American market and the growing demand for high-quality gaming products and solutions in the region.

“Latin America is a major focus of our 2023 business plan.”

Biser Bozhanov, director business development and strategies at CT Gaming.

One of the key highlights will be the upcoming launch of Diamond King 3, a thrilling multi-game experience with a powerful 3-level jackpot theme. With stunning visuals and immersive sound, this package promises players a truly unique gaming experience.

Later in the year, we will also release the full versions of both Mermaid Quest and GoldenLink.

We also expect to launch our casino management system in Latin America for the first time this year. This will reaffirm the importance of our multi-games and jackpots and our position as an industry leader.

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