BGaming reveals how to perfect B2B relationships in an offline setting

Effective B2B customer care shapes business trust and loyalty.
Effective B2B customer care shapes business trust and loyalty.

Olga Levshina, Chief Commercial Officer at BGaming, aims to shed light on the essentials of client service in igaming, its pivotal role in building strong B2B relationships, and how offline events contribute to this strategy.

Opinion.- Success in both B2B and B2C markets depends on customer satisfaction and trust in suppliers. Excellent client service fosters loyalty and competitive advantage, driving business growth.

Brands like Netflix, American Express, Apple, and Disney are robust examples of excellent customer service in B2C, while General Electric, Slack, and Adobe stand out in B2B. However, finding an igaming brand known for top-notch customer service isn’t easy, right? Still, igaming customer service has quietly achieved a remarkable level of excellence despite less public attention.

In this article, Olga Levshina, chief commercial officer at BGaming, aims to shed light on the essentials of client service in igaming, its pivotal role in building strong B2B relationships, and how offline events contribute to this strategy.

Client service as a cornerstone of robust B2B relationships

Effective B2B customer care shapes business trust and loyalty while requiring an understanding of specific clients’ goals and challenges. Such insights pave the way for building solid and lasting partnerships and offer major benefits:

  • Growing revenue. Excellent B2B service retains contracts and boosts sales and referrals.
  • Increasing lifetime value. Quick service prevents clients from leaving, builds loyalty, and ensures lasting relationships.
  • Enhancing brand reputation. Strong service leads to positive recommendations. PwC shows that one bad experience can result in losing a third of loyal clients, while 92% leave after repeated issues. Thus, satisfied clients become advocates, sharing positive experiences and enhancing the company’s reputation in a competitive market.

For instance, BGaming, an online casino games provider, excels by supporting clients throughout their journey. Our success isn’t just about engaging content but also continuous guidance. We prioritize client service from the first contact and provide ongoing support.

Dedicated managers work closely with each client, understanding their needs and challenges and ensuring tailored support. This approach enhances satisfaction and business outcomes. Additionally, we offer advanced marketing tools like Drops and Challenges, festive reskins, and branded games to help partners effectively attract and retain players.

Offline events to make B2B relationships stronger

Despite thorough customer care, B2B relationships often miss the closeness of face-to-face interactions. In today’s digital world, meaningful connections require offline communication. Offline iGaming events like ICE, iGB L!VE, SBC, SiGMA, and others address this need.

At BGaming, these events are vital for networking and marketing, building and strengthening relationships quickly — something hard to achieve online. We actively participate in iGaming events to meet clients, partners, and friends frequently, recognizing the unique value of these in-person interactions.

  • Personal touch. Events enable direct interaction with our customers, fostering a deeper, more personal relationship with our brand and enhancing customer loyalty through meaningful, face-to-face engagement.
  • Increased visibility. While social media boosts awareness, event marketing lets us stand out, engage directly, and showcase our offerings effectively.
  • Instant feedback. B2B events let us learn clients’ favourite product features and get suggestions for improvements directly from them.

With this in mind, BGaming aims for their upcoming participation at iGB L!VE in Amsterdam to be as successful as their previous appearances at major igaming events. The company invites all attendees to visit booth #12-K54 to discuss potential collaborations.

Offline events — the opportunity to make your mark!

While offline events are an exceptional platform for deepening B2B relationships where networking is a key component, these gatherings offer much more, serving as a stage for innovative experimentation and creative interaction to significantly enhance business partnerships. Here’s how:

Interactive activities

Interactive elements grab attention and build community among participants. At BGaming, we integrate these activities into our product presentations so partners can appreciate their value firsthand. For instance, at ICE London 2024, we held B-Rush Challenges with real winners and exciting prizes.

At SiGMA Americas 2024, we introduced an offline version of our online scratch card game, Scratch Alpaca. These activities helped attendees connect and the event’s content, making the experience more enjoyable, rewarding, and memorable.

Creative projects

Offline events are ideal for launching and showcasing joint projects. Whether unveiling a co-created product, promoting a strategic partnership, or demonstrating a team effort, the physical setting amplifies the impact. Business partners can directly engage with these initiatives, deepening involvement and strengthening collaborative ties.

For example, BGaming launched our special project, “When Art Meets Gaming“. We collaborate with local street artists at every exhibition we attend to redesign our iconic game heroes. Inspired by these collaborations, we incorporate their artistry into our exhibition setups and let our partners be a part of it.

Gifts and merch

Thoughtful gifts and branded merchandise greatly enhance B2B relationships. Following our “When Art Meets Gaming” project, BGaming launched an exclusive merchandise lineup featuring T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and many other stuff with unique designs from local street artists. These items leave lasting impressions, spark conversations, and enhance brand recognition long after the event.

Side events

Hosting additional events alongside the main one can significantly improve the experience for business partners. Events like cosy dinners, themed parties, private meetings, or casual get-togethers offer relaxed settings to connect and encourage deeper partnership discussions.

Looking ahead to iGB L!VE 2024 in Amsterdam, BGaming and Crypto Processing are preparing for a truly distinctive side event. It’s not an average gathering; it’s a networking occasion with a unique experience and special entertainment. Attendees can expect to meet top professionals from the iGaming and crypto industries at an iconic venue frequented by Formula 1 winners. The event promises excitement with the thrill of speed, adrenaline, and hot laps. Any guesses on the location? It’s set to be an exclusive experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

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Final words

To establish reliable and loyal B2B relationships, it’s crucial to prioritize strong customer service right from the initial contact with the client and throughout the entire journey. Unlike B2C relationships, which focus on personal preferences, B2B interactions demand a thorough understanding of client needs and challenges. Exceptional service keeps clients, boosts revenue, and enhances brand reputation.

Offline events are key in strengthening these relationships by fostering personal connections and enabling direct feedback and collaboration. These gatherings provide opportunities for companies to highlight innovations, engage with partners directly, and create meaningful experiences essential for long-term success in competitive markets.

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