Beyond the Podium: Impacting igaming Through CSR

According to Barrichello the igaming industry has the tools to create a truly sustainable and succesful future.
According to Barrichello the igaming industry has the tools to create a truly sustainable and succesful future.

Former Formula 1 star and current Non-Executive Director in LatAm Region at SOFTSWISS, Rubens Barrichello, reflects on the need to create a better igaming industry through Corporate Social Responsibility and charity projects.

Opinion.- Rubens Barrichello is one of the most recognized names for motorsports fans. The Brazilian was a leading name in Formula 1 for over 15 years, with over 300 races under his belt.

Now, as a non-executive director in the LatAm region at SOFTSWISS, the athlete faces new challenges with the same adrenaline and passion he showcased on the racetrack. Among the various aspects of his new role, Barrichello highlights the need for companies in the industry to emphasize Corporate Social Responsibility and charity projects as a key to building a more responsible and impactful iGaming industry. In this opinion article, Barrichello reflects on this topic and provides ideas on how that can be achieved:

“Having spent years pushing the limits on the racetrack, I am now entering a new kind of race – building a more responsible and impactful igaming industry in Latin America. Embarking on this new career lap, I want to discuss a powerful tool every company in our realm should consider: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and charity projects.

Turning individual acts into collective impact

For many years, I have initiated numerous charity projects through the Barrichello Family Institute and participated in quite a few third-party charity events. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the positive impact these efforts can have. Now, with SOFTSWISS, I’m excited to be part of a community that shares that commitment.

In late April, the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul experienced the worst flood in Brazilian history. The catastrophic humanitarian situation has led to shortages of food, water, and warm clothing. The state and the public, including companies and individuals, have been doing their best to help. In times like these, the business world must recognize its role and rally together, reinforcing our collective commitment to societal well-being.

That’s why SOFTSWISS has initiated a campaign to support flood victims, directly allocating funds for the affected region and engaging the global iGaming community to join this charity initiative.

This project is not just about signing off a check – financial contributions are crucial, but so are spreading the word and coordinating efforts. I’m advocating for a much broader philosophy that should resonate with businesses across all sectors. By joining forces, we can create a collaborative CSR ecosystem that benefits communities worldwide.

Spreading responsibility for positive change

Responsible gambling is no longer a competitive advantage in the iGaming industry – it has become the expected standard. But what if we could expand our responsibility? I’m talking about supporting people who make our success possible – not just our employees and players but the broader society.

Society notices when a company makes a positive impact through global and important charity projects. People see a business they can trust – not because of a clever tagline but because of its genuine commitment to making the world a better place.

In short, by going beyond responsible gambling and embracing a broader social responsibility, iGaming companies can create a truly sustainable and successful future.

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Besides, this approach enhances employee morale and attracts talent committed to working for companies that give back and strive to make a positive difference – I know this from my own experience.

The race is on

The global igaming industry is a high-speed competition, but it doesn’t have to be just an EBITDA- or GGR-fuelled race. By embracing CSR, we can redefine success by the positive impact we create. Let’s work together, like well-oiled gears, to use our resources to make a real difference in the world. At the finish line, the reward will be a more responsible and impactful igaming industry.

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