Betinvest to debut new betting solutions at ICE Africa

Betinvest will unveil its new Online Gaming Platform for the region and leading products from October 2-3 at ICE Africa.

South Africa.- The untapped possibilities and growing number of countries where gaming is regulated in Africa has lead Betinvest to undertake a year of strategic, in-depth market research and analysis into the “one of the most attractive emerging markets,” according to the company’s VP of Business Development, Valentyn Kyrylenko.

The international sports betting solutions provider has spent the last year since the inaugural edition of ICE Africa investigating the industry specifics in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, the Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania ahead of showcasing its new Online Gaming Platform for the region and leading products from October 2-3.

“We’re aware of the huge potential that this region has,” Valentyn Kyrylenko explained. “The African market is set to have an impressive future in gambling and it’s great that Clarion Gaming is bringing together all the top gambling and gaming providers in Johannesburg. This will help to develop the industry in the region more quickly.”

With entry to ICE Africa being free in 2019, an even greater number of visitors is expected at this year’s exhibition something which Kyrylenko hopes will allow the Betinvest team to share their experience further and start strong new working relationships. “Even though last year’s exhibition had an exceptional turnout, we’re delighted Clarion took the decision to be a free event – by doing so, they’re making their own contribution to the growth of the industry in Africa.”

“As for our own contribution, we’re going to be driving the region forward with our advanced products,” Valentyn Kyrylenko added. “It goes without saying that our market penetration strategy relies heavily on high-profile events like ICE Africa. This exhibition will give us more opportunities to develop the industry in this region. Here, our entire audience – potential clients and partners – is gathered together under one roof. Since we’re a provider of B2B products and solutions for sports betting, these kinds of events give us a chance to meet, in person, operators who are looking to start their own local businesses.”

Betinvest is keen to exhibit its new Online Platform to the African market which has a customisable UI/UX website design, risk management and anti-fraud tools and 24/7/365 customer service and customisable geolocation. “Our platform can be deployed quickly, is light and has a responsive design, all of which come together to give players a great experience on any device.  

“When we talk about online services in Africa, we’re first and foremost talking about using mobile phones. Due to the poor internet coverage across Africa, the continent is best suited to land-based betting services. Moreover, the countries’ regulatory frameworks are less prepared for regulating online services. Nonetheless, the younger generation of sports bettors are more likely to want to use mobile devices and mobile payment methods, and the internet speed and coverage are gradually increasing every year.”

In light of this, the platform also includes a retail module highlighting how fundamental Betinvest’s extensive research is to the platform in both its focus and its target audience. “The retail module enables companies to open and operate land-based betting services in Africa, a place where it’s particularly important for operators to have a physical presence. We have, of course, integrated a selection of Africa’s most frequently used payment methods too.”

Betinvest’s Pan-African focus will see the group meet with current partners and use its research to best integrate with new operators where its offering is best situated such as Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. “South Africa is the clear leader in the African gambling industry. Nigeria is one of the most developed countries in terms of dynamic economic growth,” continued Kyrylenko. “Betting is becoming more and more popular among the younger, “digital” generation and the middle class there. Kenya is also an appealing country to sports betting operators. While 50% of the Nigerian population has access to the internet, in Kenya it’s 80%. Most Kenyans place bets on football once a week, which according to recent data, is more often than people in other African countries.” 

Valentyn Kyrylenko concluded: “As a B2B provider, we’re constantly working to ensure that our service and our solutions meet the requirements of both operators and players in whatever region we operate. At the exhibition, we’ll be demonstrating both our well-established and our new solutions and software. Everyone who visits our stand will be able to test our products for themselves.”

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