Belgium to sanction Betway

belgium betway

Betway is facing either a fine or suspension after being linked to the Paradise Papers investigation back in 2017.

The Belgian Gaming Commission has started sanction proceedings against Betway over an alleged “lack of transparency.”

Belgium.- On November 2017, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists unveiled the Paradise Papers investigation and revealed millions of documents related to offshore investments linked with a ton of companies from all segments. Betway was criticised back then over its financial flows and alleged links with illegal sites, which is why the Belgian Gaming Commission has decided to start sanction proceedings against the operator.

Belgium’s gaming regulator has accused Betway of “a lack of transparency” and pointed to its accumulation of licences, an illegal practice in the country. A spokeswoman for the Commission even said that its conclusions will be sent to the Special Tax Inspectorate, the Public Prosecutor and the financial information watchdog.

The Belgian authorities could decide to suspend Betway temporarily or permanently but are also considering just hitting the company with a fine. However, as the proceedings have just started, the operator can still respond to the accusations against it.

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