BEGE Expo 2016 shares further information

Established to inspire and connect leading companies in the gaming and entertainment sector, BEGE Expo 2016 awaits the most prominent names in the industry.

Bulgaria.- The exhibition is a source of ideas and it aims to facilitate collaboration in the gaming market, making it an ideal opportunity for valuable contacts to be made amongst the participants. BEGE Expo 2016 will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on November 23-24.

During the nine consequent years that BEGE Expo has been held, it has gained a renowned name as an important event in the gaming business in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, where companies can tune with the recent developments in the sector and meet partners. BEGE Expo is the perfect place to look for spot trends, build strategic partnerships and bring business to the region or even worldwide.

Year after year, the expo reunites more than 4000 professionals from all over the world, and it brings the experts in the gaming industry together who can share their latest products. BEGE Expo is known for increasing the opportunities for future collaborations and profits which make it essential for business. A representative from APEX Gaming said: “BEGE Expo is the ideal exhibition to reach out to the gaming market in the entire Balkan region and the bordering countries. We see it not only as a show for the Bulgarian market but also for the Balkan countries in general. That is why we invest in exhibiting and showing our latest innovations here.”

The 2 day event offers one of the most diverse ranges of exhibitors on the regional exhibition circuit. So far over 60 companies from all over the world has claimed their interest in participating at the exhibition. The SUZOHAPP team said that their motivation to participate comes from their customers: “We cooperate with basically every participant at the BEGE Expo and like to stay close to them. A show like the BEGE gives us this great opportunity. Of course we will present some nice new products. Our main expectations are to get our customers involved in the newest trends in gaming.”

Simultaneously, the Eastern European Gaming Summit, the most prestigious forum in the gaming industry in South Eastern Europe, will take place on November 22-23. It will be focused on the latest trends in the industry and the key regulatory developments, and it will bring distinguished experts and seasoned executives from the land-based and online gaming sectors around the world.