BCLC urges approval of single-event sports betting bill

BCLC urges approval of single-event sports betting bill

The provincial lottery has called on the Canadian government to approve legislation that would permit single-event sports betting.

Canada.- The British Colombia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has called on the Canadian government to pass a bill that would legalise single-event sports betting.

The bill would amend Canada’s Criminal Code, which at present prohibits wagering on individual sports events. If passed, it’s expected to boost competitiveness in the industry and create up to 150 new jobs.

The BCLC believes that legalising single-event sports betting would prevent residents in British Colombia from using unlicensed platforms or travelling across the US border into Washington state to bet.

The regulator wants to encourage a legal market on its PlayNow.com site, arguing it could generate up to $136m in annual revenues.

BCLC director of eGaming, Stewart Groumoutis, said: “Our players have wanted single-event sports betting for a long time. For example, this weekend is the Super Bowl and our players want to be able to simply bet on the winner, which they are unable to do under the current legislation.

“We’re encouraging the federal government to modernize laws so we can provide single-event betting to our players and generate additional revenue to support provincial programs.”

The bill is in the final stages towards becoming federal legislation. Along with the BCLC, it has the backing of major sports leagues in the US, including the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Soccer (MLS) and Major League Baseball (MLB).

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