Atari to launch crypto casino

Legendary game developer platform Atari to launch its own online casino that will accept its new cryptocurrency token.

US.- Legendary game developer Atari is set to launch its own online crypto casino that will accept its new cryptocurrency token.

The Atari Casino will feature unique skill-based games as well as classics like roulette, poker and blackjack.

On its website, Atari said: “The casino space presents a massive opportunity to leverage the portfolio of Atari properties through a range of social and real money casino opportunities.

“Our catalogue of games includes games of luck, games of skill, and hybrid games combining luck and skill.”

Gamers can pre-order Atari tokens to use to play, as well as the ability to deposit funds at the casino using alternative methods such as debit card, Skrill, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Atari continued: “Due to the borderless nature of cryptocurrencies, anyone can gamble anywhere. That’s a huge advantage for the players. Payouts arrive to the players in a much faster fashion, because crypto transactions are much faster than bank transfers.

“Because cryptocurrencies are more flexible than FIAT, we are able to bypass some restriction that FIAT currencies have and provide you with the best possible experience.”

Some countries and regulators have been quick to quash the growth of cryptocurrencies in recent years.

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