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Thailand: 16 arrested over alleged online gambling network

Police raided a rented house in Buriram.
Police raided a rented house in Buriram.

The group was allegedly running 10 online gambling websites with a monthly circulation of THB50m (US$1.6m).

Thailand. – Officers from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) have made a series of arrests over alleged online gambling sites operating from Nang Rong, a town in the northeastern province of Buriram.

Those arrested had rented a house to open an office but are accused of operating 10 online gambling websites, including

The police seized 30 computer monitors, 31 mobile phones, 20 desk computers, six internet routers, ten ATM cards, and 16 bank account books, as well as 26 notepads showing the names of customers.

All 16 alleged administrators are said to have confessed to gambling charges. Police found the gambling network had a monthly circulation of THB50m (US$1.6m)

Site administrators were also selling gambling sites at THB300,000 per user.

In February, Thai police arrested the former boxer and government gambling advisor Siapo Po-arnon for involvement in an online gambling network.

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