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Suncity to promote sustainable tourism in Wakayama

The Group intends to promote Wakayama as a haven for yachting.
The Group intends to promote Wakayama as a haven for yachting.

In it’s bid for the integrated resort project in Wakayama, Suncity Group proposes building a yacht harbour.

Japan.- Suncity aims to make Wakayama a destination for yachting as part of a plan to promote “sustainable tourism” in the prefecture.

The proposal will form part of its bid to join the prefecture in applying for a licence to develop an integrated resort.

The company said it will hold talks with Japan’s Sail GP team next month. A session entitled “Creating Sustainable Tourism Through a Wakayama Yacht Haven” will be held at Suncity’s Wakayama office on February 23.

Kazuhiko Sofuku, COO of the Japanese sailing team, Kazuya Nakamura, director of NPO Wakayama Sailing Club, and Atsuko Nakamura, head of the Wakayama Sailing club office and instructor of the Junior Yacht club will appear.

By making Wakayama and Marina City a haven for yachting and presenting an image of Wakayama centred around sport and local resources, the prefecture can become a leader in sustainable tourism, Suncity has said.

Suncity has already sponsored a sailing team and now plans to organise yachting and sailing competitions to attract a wider target market for tourism.

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